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About Crazy 4 Bambu,

Our business name already describes the love and life we have with bamboo. We are a team of skilled and dedicated bamboo product designers. We have a love for natural life and aestheticism.

Our founder started his career as a craftsman and artisan. He learned how to be creative with wood and got necessary training in handling the bamboo in Costa Rica. We are based in Curaçao, which is home to innovative bamboo products. We have seasoned woodworkers who are fully trained in developing bamboo furniture in creative designs. We create bamboo products combined with hardwoods and a lot of other materials.

Crazy4Bambu, strive hard to combine our expertise with nature. We mix tradition and innovation. We combine theory with practice and bring durability and sustainability together. Detailing bamboo products is a historical phenomenon, and this tradition has passed from generations to us. We are artisans, builders, and understand every aspect of bamboo material. We are bringing the evolution of sublimity and bringing nature to your home.

Meet Our Team

Stephen Haarloo

Stephen Haarloo

Stephen Haarloo began his career as a craftsman & furniture builder, and taking bamboo to new heights. With his crafting experiences learning variety of techniques from the top Bamboo leaders from Costa Rica & Colombia. He started his own bamboo shop.
Karen Dawson

Karen Dawson

She is specialised in Marketing and sales. You found this site, that means she is doing a great job! Creative marketing ideas goes hand in hand with producing the bamboo requests. If you have any question, she is the right person to answer them…
Caroline Gerwig

Caroline Gerwig

With her creative skills and the love for Bamboo art, she started this year working together creating bamboo furniture… With some fresh new ideas we delivered big smiles on happy clients.

Why Choose to work with Bamboo?

In this world, Bamboo is considered to be a fast-growing grass. Studies show that some varieties of Bamboo are even more sustainable than steel or other wood. Bamboo can grow to its full length in just a few months. Some trees take a much more extended period to germinate. When you cut Bamboo, it is not deforesting. It is, in fact, like mowing your lawn. It has naturally renewing properties.

You can grow it anywhere because it adapts itself to temperature, climate, and soil conditions. It does not need any pesticides because of its naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal features. When we compare it with other wood forests, Bamboo gives us more oxygen than other plants.

Today the people are more sensitive about the environment than ever. All of us are aware of the need to get green. We don’t know how to modify, and there is helplessness. We don’t get insights about the eco status of the products we buy. With bamboo use, you are making a considerable reduction in environmental issues. With no herbicides and pesticides, it is eco-friendly; Bamboo is the superhero of woods. Environmentalists recommend using Bamboo for all types of your needs, with no waste, it is recyclable and consumable.

There is no or much little waste produced when we harvest it and use it for making products. Every part of Bamboo is used in a variety of products. We use it for soil enrichment; we design beautiful furniture and other items with Bamboo.

The product we make from Bamboo is environment-friendly and the top alternative to woods. There are bamboo bathrooms accessories, bathroom sets, kitchen sets, sofa sets, and chairs made from Bamboo. We may design office equipment and homes with Bamboo.

Bamboo fiber comes with extra strength. It is much lighter but offers excellent advantages even than steel. It is often termed as green steel. In construction it is used for versatility and durability, and it is a source of natural fiber that is superior to other fiber sources.

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