The top Varieties of Bamboo for Building and Construction

The top Varieties of Bamboo for Building and Construction

Do you use bamboo in construction and building houses? Do you know its varieties? Astonishingly, there are almost 1200 species of bamboo, and every type has distinct features. In these varieties, only a few are suitable for building houses. Four basic types are unusual for designing furniture and construction of houses.

  • Guadua
  • Dendrocalamus
  • Bambusa and
  • Phyllostachys

You can choose the best bamboo, which is perfect for your needs. You may make fishing poles, there are some exotic species for eating, and you may design a beautiful accent for your Japanese garden. You may select unique verities for mountains. Some bamboo verities come with multiple uses. You may make a hedge from Bambusa Oldham. You may make canes from some varieties.

Some bamboo varieties add beauty to your garden. There are some ornamental verities. 

You may design larger poles for construction purposes.

Bamboo Material in Curacao
Bamboo Material in Curacao

 Bamboo Petting

The most used bamboo variety is bamboo Petung. It goes higher when it is in full bloom. It is reputed as a dependable and robust variety, and it is mostly used in building residential buildings. It has some other use of this variety. Its main features are as under:

· Its Average height length is 15 -30 meters

· The Average diameters of its shoot are 8 to 20 cm

· It is mostly used in the construction and food industry. The young shoots are famous for delicacy and taste.

· It has aerial roots and little hair.

Dendrocalamus Asper Niger | Bamboo Petung Hitam

It is the result of a genetic mutation. It is a sub-variety of Dendrocalamus Asper. It is naturally the back and tinted. The poles made from this variety have lesser strength than the other types. They are best for design and beauty. The houses may be built with this type.

Bamboo Storage in Curacao
Bamboo Storage in Curacao

 Bamboo Tali

This bamboo species has some distinct features that make it a great thing as a building material. You can easily manipulate this type, and you may create bamboo ropes, a fantastic component of the building process. The term Tali in Bahasa means string.

Bamboo Tali has a series of qualities that make it a new building material. One of them is its flexibility; it can be easily manipulated and is used for making bamboo ropes, a valuable element of the construction process. In fact, Tali in Bahasa Indonesian mean ‘rope.’

· Its Average heights is 8-22 meters

· The average diameter of bamboo is Average diameters: 4-13 cm

· We may increase use it in handicraft, furniture and construction.

· It has long, long fibers and minimal tapering.

Bamboo Storage in Curacao
Bamboo Storage in Curacao

 Bamboo Duri

We also term this type as thorny bamboo, because of thons n it. It grows straight and in a regular manner. We may design houses and sanctuary purposes. It is mostly used for aesthetic purpose and design. Though we don’t use it much in construction,

  • Its length goes up to 20-23 meters
  • The diameter is 10-18 cm
  • We use it for construction and decoration purposes.
  • Its distinguishing features include swollen nodes and unique texture.

Bamboo Jakarta

Bamboo Jakarta comes in yellow color. Due to its fantastic feature and elegance, we use in designing. Its significant use includes finishing and smaller structures. It yurts it is also used. It is not used as a building material for larger buildings.

  • Its average length is 7 to 13 meters.
  • The average diameter is 2 t 13 meters.
  • We use in food, paper and construction industry extensively.
  • It has long internodes, which range from 15 -30 cm on average.
  • The Culm walls give him species structural integrity.

 Bamboo Pancing

Pancing is the word of Bahasa language, which means fishing. It is the description of its principal feature. This species has a distinct and specific texture and shape. So far as construction and design are concerned, we use it in furniture and decorative objectives. We use it to cover the cables or tubes in residential places.

  • Its average diameter is 10-18 cm.
  • In length, it goes up to 6 meters.
  • We use it in the construction of a decoration.
  • Its distinguishing features are amazing. It tapers towards the n of the shoot. That is why we call it a fishing rod.
Bamboo Storage Sticks
Bamboo Storage Curacao

Genus Phyllostachys

This most significant generation of bamboo species contains more than 100 verities. It is initially grown in China and Taiwan. Though it is a subtropical grass but is may also tolerate moderate temperature growth. This feature makes it suitable for all geographical regions of the world.

Its roots grow speedily, and you may not feel it easy to control their growth. These bamboo types cover a larger area increasingly primarily when you are working on creating a hedge for privacy purposes. But as you make a hedge steadily, it will cover the rest of the space and also your neighbor’s land.

In China, this variety has vehement uses. They use it for a lot of things like construction and scaffolding. 

They make artistic handicrafts from it. It smoothly runs along the internodes.

Choosing the best variety

There are a lot of factors that play a role in determining the usability of its varieties. If you are planning the bamboo yourself, you should get an insight into which type suits for climates and soil type of your area. You should understand that a more significant number of bamboo species belong to the tropical and subtropical climate.

For selecting a bamboo to grow or buying it for building purposes, you should consider your requirements. You should know the length of wood you need and how strong you need. Some bamboo varieties go up to 100 feet in height and may have 8-10 niches diameter. All this depends on growing conditions, weather and type of soil. Moreover, you should consider the shipping costs also. More significant and more prolonged poles obviously become cumbersome in your pocket. Some bamboo types are hollow in the centre, some have elasticity, and some are extra strong and durable.

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