Bamboo Prefab Houses – Building Process

Bamboo Prefab Houses – Building Process

A well-processed and well-maintained bamboo can be a shelter for a very long time of a minimum of 25 years to a maximum of 100 or more years. The process of building prefab bamboo houses is uncomplicated and goes through a quick process.

To build a house or any other product, there are various kinds of bamboo available suitable for various uses.

  • Bamboo Petting is the most used in constructing residential facilities due to its firmness.
  • Bamboo Tali is the most flexible and integral element of the building process as it can be processed in making bamboo ropes.
  • To give an aesthetic look Bamboo Duri is suitable while for finishing touches Bamboo Jakarta is dependable, also for adding details.
  • Another important Bamboo to cover wiring and cables is Bamboo Pancing that is also used for decorative purposes.

    Any of these types are available with Crazy4bambu. Regardless of its significance, all types of bamboo are cut by machines which also removes its outer and inner knots. To make it usable bamboos are split and boiled for hours making it irresistible. The split bamboos are flattened by a press allowing it to be shaped in a demanding manner.

It is also necessary to give a similar thickness to all the bamboos and to do so a planer machine is used after which splits are dried in a hot press. For making thickness even and bamboo durable, splits are dipped in a resin tank glued in layers as per requirement and pressed to build strength which results in bamboo boards. These boards are cut in different sizes and shapes to build ceilings, walls, floors, windows, doors, etc. used in prefab bamboo structures.

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